“Everyone of us is a flawed copy of a divine template”

This inspiration came to me on December 14, 2016. Why that is important is the very reason why our students need to publish their works and writings. As the mass of information on the Internet grows, the need to have our work uploaded to it is important for two reasons:

  • Authenticity- to have credit for original works. If you have it uploaded onto the Internet, future searches will link to your site and will supply a proof of ownership to the material.
  • Real work with a real need for a real audience, students need to feel a sense of worth in contributing to the greater mass of information our world is curating.

“Everyone of us is a flawed copy of a divine template”

Genesis 1, God made man in his own image. But, man sinned and created the flaw in the fabric of life. Since that sin, life has flaws and those flaws have multiplied and expanded in size and complexity.

I am quoting it to establish my authenticity of it and to have it accessible amongst the mass of information on the Internet.

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