Creativity and Building Community

Recently our Grade 8 classes held their Renaissance Fair. This event was an afternoon and evening where our Grade 8’s had the opportunity to make presentations of learning to their family, friends and our entire school community.

Our teachers create real work with a real need for a real audience with their classes. The Renaissance Fair is a perfect example of such an activity. It provides each student with a formative learning experience that makes learning subject matter fun. The Renaissance Fair gave the students the opportunity to display a life skill that was needed to survive and live in the Renaissance Era. Students researched, visited local Artisans and spent time learning and honing a craft. Students learned about metal forging, baking, weaving, leatherwork, woodworking, weapons making, painting, candy making, and more.

To add a sense authenticity to the event, our teachers started roasting a whole pig first thing in the morning. The pig roasted all day and in the evening we served a “pork on a bun and ale” light dinner to the event guests. I have to qualify that last statement; the “ale” was ginger ale. Food and presentations of learning are a great combo to success.

I love it when teachers take learning out of the classroom.


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2 thoughts on “Creativity and Building Community

  1. Great example of learning beyond the space of the classroom. This needs to be considered when we dream of new learning spaces. Our idea of the “classroom” as the primary learning space is changing and so it should.

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