Hour of Code

This week has been designated in North America for students of all ages to experience writing code for computer graphic design. The organization “Hour of Code” has written many one hour tutorials for teachers of all grades to bring into their classroom during this week. The goal of this program is to expose students to what writing code is, what is does, and how it works. This exposure may spark an interest for a student that may pursue a career in computer graphic design.

The tutorials are engaging and exciting. We had several classes do their hour of code yesterday, the results where amazing. As I walked into the rooms, each student was quiet, focused and engaged for the whole hour! I heard comments like, “this is cool”, “I want to do this for a job”, “I just made BB-8 pick up scrap metal”.

In each tutorial, students can use the pre-organized drag and drop commands or venture into writing Javascript commands. Students worked in Minecraft, Star Wars, and Frozen graphics to create their puzzle or game. Check it out at home you will be amazed at how easy it is, give it a try!


Check out our middle school instagram @lcsmiddleschool, #HourOfCode, or our twitter @_berkleyglazer, @LCSlangley



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