Real work with a Real need for a Real audience

Our school recently held a cross graded theme week that involved our entire student body. We had 1,010 students buddied up and paired in classes that matched an older grade with  a younger grade. Together our students explored earth keeping which we called “EEK Week”. Students worked on exploring water renewal, our carbon footprint, our energy consumption, forestry and mining resources, first nation’s perspective and sustainability. It was awesome to see our older students engaged and being positive mentors for our younger students. Stories of younger students sad that the week was over was testament to the friendship bonds that were created.

Our week ended with an evening open house for our students to show their families exactly what they accomplished and what they learned giving them a real audience to showcase their learning.


Earth Keeping is real work that our students have learned brings a real need; for us to work collectively and personally work to be good stewards of this world God has given us.


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One thought on “Real work with a Real need for a Real audience

  1. This was a great opportunity for the kids — the topics they explored, the working together with other ages, and the opportunity to get out of the classroom, travel, experiment, make and explore. Thanks so much to everyone who contributed!

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