China 2015

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Our China visit has been split into two cities: Beijing and Shanghai. Cultural experiences have been abundant. Living in the places our students come from has given me perspective into what they are feeling while they assimilate into our culture in Canada.

The people here are friendly, the cities are clean and safe. We can learn a thing or two about good hospitality from them. When you are here, you are their guests and they will not let you pay for much, it has been a battle to pay for the occasional thing.

The Government censorship is prevalent from the moment you arrive, there is no Google, no Gmail, no YouTube, no Twitter, no Instagram. We immediately felt “cut off”. That has not stopped the Chinese people, they are very creative when it comes to circumventing obstacles. The local people use VPN to route information and can actually use Google and Gmail.

I have been awestruck with how much and how fast God is moving in China. Believers are working hard to spread the Message and live the life He has called them to. We need to uphold our fellow brothers and sisters in our prayers. We also need to bring our students and our teachers here to gain the rich cross cultural experiences and relationships that can be made.

Over and over we have heard from educational leaders about their need for Biblical Worldview training for their teachers. I am already formulating ideas to send some of our teachers here to train their teachers in this area and in the area of Biblical Through-lines. Chinese people are looking for education that teaches the whole child and develops each child’s unique gifts and talents that God has given them.

Coming here has challenged my “Western” perspective and ignorance about China’s role in world events and their continued contributions in the world. Even realizing Chinese students coming to LCS have a living knowledge that can correct some of that ignorance.

Continue to keep us in your prayers.

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One thought on “China 2015

  1. Sounds great Berkley!
    What a great opportunity to connect with our overseas partners and learn from them. International programs offer worldview challenges, but also valuable learning for both the student, and the teachers involved. I love how you’re channelling your experiences into growth opportunities.
    Blessings on the rest of your trip!

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