Asia Trip 2015

I am currently on an overseas trip visiting schools that send students to LCS for long term and short term stay programs. We are also visiting schools that we have twin sister arrangements with and schools that we wish to make connections with and share cultural exchanges. I started the trip on May 20 with two colleagues from the school, Kevin Visscher the High School Principal and Marlene Bylenga our English Language Learning coordinator.

Our trip will be 17 days long, we will visit 3 countries and stay in 6 major cities. Our first stop was Tokyo, Japan. We visited Shukutoku School and visited with parents that send their children to LCS.

We are currently in Seoul, Korea visiting our twin sister school BIS (British Columbia International school), which is a BC, certified off shore school.

It has been a rich experience so far and a source of enlightenment into cultures I have not visited before. The people are very friendly; the schools have been very welcoming and hospitable. Both Cities are extremely safe, it has been interesting to see school age children on the streets, or in fields playing without adult supervision at nine and ten at night.

These cities are a buzz of activity well into the late hours of the day and start early in the morning. It is very apparent that the family unit is strained with the work ethic that is expected from the Dads in these cultures. We need to pray for the Christian communities here as they struggle with the dualistic nature of faith and culture expectations that have been so prevalent for generations here.

Today we are off to Pohang, Korea to visit and make more connections, please keep us in your prayers as we continue our trip and fly to China later this week.

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3 thoughts on “Asia Trip 2015

  1. Dear Mr. Glazer,

    I googled and looked up this schools’ website right after we met at Shinjuku station by chance, and found your blog.
    It is very happy to hear that you mention the people are very friendly:)! and the trip has been a great so far.
    Hope you, Marlene and Kevin will have a nice trip and fly back to Canada safely.

    Best wishes,
    Nanami Tsuchida(Nana)

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